Eclectic Heart

My name is Xan; my parents named me Alexandra, and I have gone by Xan, the root, since I was twelve.  There's always been more to my name that I say aloud, and more to my identity than meets the eye.  My heart is restless, curious, and a bit eclectic.  I believe it is human nature to transform, to grow, to explore, to heal.

 After ten years of teaching high school literature, I quit this year with a goal of writing, performing, and making art full time.  It's my unofficial sabbatical.  Before doing this, I felt stuck, lost, and confused.  What better way to fix that then to make it external?  Al my belongings, minus a few suitcases and my sweet dog Hoopla, are now in storage pods until further notice.  This is either the most reckless thing in the world, or the most brave.  Either way, it's on my friends.  With this blog, I'll try to unify the adventures, thoughts and incantations into one place.  Listen in a little, I hope you enjoy the journey.