Yoga with Xan


Drop in Classes

Vinyasa Flow - Mondays and Wednesdays from 11am-noon - Seattle Fitness

Basics - Tuesdays from 4:30-5:45pm, (& Community Basics) Mondays 7:30-8:45pm - Yoga on Beacon

All Levels Flow - Community Class some (contact for more info) Fridays at 4pm - 8 Limbs Yoga.

Private Classes

Are you looking for something specific in a class?  Would you rather move at your own pace, asking questions along the way?  Maybe you have an injury, or want more focus on breath work?  Maybe you need a shift in tone?  I will bring the practice to you, or invite you to use the studio solo. First class is $25, and after that, package deals are available in the amount of 3-5 classes.  

Corporate Classes

How would a 20-50 minute creative practice change your workday?  It can be hard to maintain health and wellbeing when your workweek stretches longer than the typical 9-5.   If your office culture is one of deadlines and high pressure projects, it might be time to bring a short yoga practice to that empty conference room.  To begin a yoga practice at your workplace, I require a startup of $100 per class, and a commitment of at least 4 classes.   I offer weekly or biweekly yoga classes in the following ways:

Classes to Choose From: 

  • Asana & Stretching

  • Partner Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Creative Breakout (a mix of improv games, yoga & meditation)


  • 50 min

  • 30 min

  • 20 min (this is a great way to offer two separate classes during lunch)

Yoga Bio

Xan Roberti (CYT 200) teaches from the heart.  Her classes provide a space for play and experimentation, where students will feel guided through fluid sequencing, breath practice, and gentle assists.  She believes in everyday inquiry, and the healing alchemy of the 2x5 foot portable classroom we call the yoga mat.  In Xan’s yoga class you will encounter a touch of sacred and a splash of sass.  You will be invited to inhabit your authenticity and wilderness.  After years of teaching literature and creative writing, Xan channels archetypes and thematic resonance into each yogic practice.  She has studied poetry, philosophy, astrology, tarot, the mysteries of the Goddess in Ancient Egypt & Greece, as well as participating in COR Woman.  But more importantly, she has studied how to fall gracefully, and how to get back up after that fall.  She encourages connection, and holds space for individual vulnerability.  She will help you remember to laugh, to let go, and embrace your perfect imperfections.