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Shapeshifters Retreat

A 4 day retreat in Neskowin Oregon on Sacred Elk Farm

Catered meals 3 days, 1 night

Community | Yoga | Hot Tub | Transformation

cohosted with LeahRose Farber of the Global Turn On

The time is now. - - - -

The power is you.


WHAT is this about?

In this four day retreat we will move through our own heroic quest of feminine leadership. We will identify the powerhouse within us, remove the debris that bury it, and inhabit the shape we damn well please.  

Together we will answer the call to adventure, face our trials and tribulations, vanquish our wounds, and return home with a new vision. You will have opportunities to walk into the archetypes and stories of the divine you already hold within. 

We will invoke rituals of old, walk through rites of rebirth, honor the elements, share in circle, embody movement in dance and yoga, and remember what we already know, the power of choice, of intention, of unity. 

 The time is now, the power is you. 

 You’ve been the container for long enough, be the contained.  

 It’s time to Shapeshift.

WHY is it important?

Have you felt your truth to be hidden behind a veil of uncertainty? 

Have you spent your life masquerading your flame to show up as healer, artist, writer, or visionary, and maybe forgotten who you are on the inside?

 Or maybe you see well who you are and you’re just damn tired of being stuck?

 Are you ready to step into your authenticity, and become the sovereign you are within?

 Are you ready to take the shape of your magnificent self?

Are you ready to stop limiting yourself?

Every culture has a story or myth that angles in on this very question.  How do we truly transform? In cultures from every continent, tales are told of characters who walk the untrodden path.  Ravens, Cougars, Foxes, and Butterflies are just a few – these are characters who walk between worlds, and have solid footing in each.  They are called shapeshifters. They are imbued with magic or divinity, and have the talent to transform physical shape or identity at will.  

Within you is an empowered shapeshifter.  

WHO is it for?

Women who are out to play big, have to be able to tune into ourselves, slow down, call bullshit on ourselves and do the work - our power lies in those vulnerable and dark places.

Where are you holding back?

Where are you playing small?

Where are they hiding?

What needs to be transformed so that you have access to your FULL power?

In order to dissolve the beliefs and stories that keep us stuck for years, we all need a mirror, a safe place to be exactly who we are and allow the kind of transformation we all crave. 

How often have you been that for others, and neglected to receive the same gift you offered?

It’s time to stop giving your power away.  Be the reflection, sure, but be the light. Be the badass, radiant, mysterious, dangerous, vulnerable, gets-shit-done, mighty powerhouse of light that you truly are.  

There are ships at sea that need you, but you need yourself most.  No longer can you DENY your power.  It is your essential ingredient to being in service to the world.

Rites of the Moon

Monthly Circles to to foster Community, Compassion, Ritual and Reverence

Co-Hosted with Kymbr McMurray of Hollow Bone Yoga

Sunday April 21st | Sunday May 19th | Tuesday June 18th | Tuesday July 16th | Tuesday August 14th


Kymbr McMurray

Kymbr is a hedge witch with a passion for shamanic practices, energy healing, yoga philosophy, tarot, and personal transformation. Though her practice is often solitary, she appreciates the power of community and group ritual. Her desire to honor sacred traditions and call back the old ways into modern times sends her on the quest for connection to the spirit realms, recognizing that the unseen is all around us. Kymbr acknowledges all beings as worthy of love, respect, and gratitude and hopes to build community with like-minded individuals ready to connect to their innate power for the greater good.



~Yoga for Restless Souls~


Hero’s Pose to Hero’s Quest

Do you feel a sense of restlessness in your life, a calling to something beyond your daily routine?

Transform your questions into a personal quest.

A Vinyasa Yoga Immersion @ Yoga on Beacon

May 13-24th 6-7:15am

You enter the forest at the darkest point, where there is no path. Where there is a way or path, it is someone else’s path. You are not on your own path. If you follow someone else’s way, you are not going to realize your potential.
— ~Joseph Campbell


 The call to adventure begins within.  In this 2 week immersion, we’ll explore how to identify and reach past your current limitations to open up new patterns. We will follow the archetypal journey of the hero’s quest in a strong Vinyasa flow. Exploring the language and ideas from the Rumi, Joseph Campbell, Paulo Cohelo, and more, we’ll listen in on our own personal legends, and draft the direction we may take our own.  Come prepared for asana & meditation practice, time for journaling, discussion and play.

Partner Yoga, Partner Dance

Trust, Play & Connect: A Workshop

Feb 16th, 11am-1pm

Flow Studios Seattle | 2000 Airport Way S. #2 | 206-452-3598

Both Partner Yoga and Partner Dance help strengthen relationships and mindfulness.  Each partner will have to step outside her/himself to connect and collaborate with the other.  Partner Yoga is a style of asana practice wherein two people synchronize movement and breath to support one another through parallel and opposing postures. Partner Dance in this workshop will be Flow, building blocks you can take into any style, such as ballroom, latin, swing or fusion. We will move through held poses in a partner yoga sequence, then delve into structured partner dance, and by the end, merge the two in order to play with balance and connection in a deeper way. The workshop will cultivate mindfulness and embodied physical communication.  You will stretch, flex, and guaranteed, laugh.

Note: We ask you register with a partner. But your partner can be a lover, a friend, a family member. Choose someone who will make you smile!

Led by Xan Roberti & Michael Haug


Xan Roberti

Xan Roberti (CYT 200) weaves together the sacred and profane through Eclectic Heart yoga. In her classes you can expect to be seen as an individual, wherever you are in your own yogic path, and supported on your personal journey.  Stemming from the Iyengar tradition, and her years of performing in bands and dance groups, Xan’s yoga is dynamic and whimsical, with a strong Vinyasa Flow.  You will be challenged, and given space to question and play with your personal boundaries.  You will breathe deeply, you will sweat, and you may shift your life-aperture when you step off your mat.  She believes all of life is a practice, and the 2x5 foot mat is an awesome portable classroom.  She lives a life of growth and inquiry, and invites you to the same.  After years of teaching literature and creative writing, Xan channels the ancient archetypes and rhythms of lyric into each yogic practice.  She has studied astrology, tarot, the mysteries of the Goddess in Ancient Egypt, as well as participating in COR Woman.  She holds space for authenticity and vulnerability with her heart centered teaching.  She will help you remember to laugh, and embrace your perfect imperfections.


Michael Haug

After teaching ballroom and social dance for fie years, Michael Haug opened Flow Studios in 2017 to teach the world to dance, their way. Trained at Arthur Murray, he realized some flaws in the rigid program, and began to develop a new way to teach. That became Flow.  Haug sees dance as a language, not a set of routines to memorize.  Accordingly, this means movement and connection become its vowels and consonants.  Imagine walking down a sidewalk lined with autumn leaves, and seeing a good friend.  Instead of shouting hello, you dance up to him or her in greeting. Life becomes a little bit better, doesn’t it?  When the film Matrix came out, Michael connected with it deeply, and today envisions dancing up the walls as both metaphor and literal possibility.

Evidence showing the benefits of Partner Yoga on attachment styles.

Evidence showing the benefits of Partner Yoga on attachment styles.