Eclectic Heart

·      curriculum design and implementation

·      copyediting

·      copywriting

·      coaching you with your writing

·      coaching public speaking skills

·      conversational practice for non-native speakers

·      performance art & acting

·      singing/vocals

·      voiceover work

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“Xan’s Creative Words class I took in my junior year of high school really opened my mind to the concept of poetry. My only true knowledge of poetry prior to her class was of things I’ve found for myself, much less the basic overviews of American poetry which my previous generic English classes glossed over. For the first time I truly witnessed all kinds of different styles from all kinds of different authors I’d never really heard of before, and I really enjoyed it! Xan managed to teach me in a way that got me further interested in the subject, and since I took her class, I’ve written and performed on my own, and even participated in a few poetry slams. To top it off Xan is an inspiring individual of whom I consider a great influence.”

— Eric Whitehead, AMHS class of ’14, University of British Columbia


“Xan changed the way I view poetry, writing, and literature by creating a safe environment where I could explore, create, and really think instead of having ideas pushed upon me. I learned more than I ever had in an English course because she allowed me to explore my own thoughts, emotions, and feelings about each piece of literature I came across; And through this exploration, I genuinely understood where the author was coming from. However, the knowledge I gained about each individual poem or author was not as important as the life lessons I gained from Xan. I learned how to explore my inner thoughts and express them in a way that turned those emotions I felt into artful pieces of creative writing that I could share with the rest of the world. I felt more confident in my abilities to express myself, and this confidence transcended into many other aspects of my life helping me grow in multiple ways, not only in the English classroom”

— Veda Gupta, AMHS class of ’14, Rice University